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Why Popcake? It's SIMPLE!Why Popcake? It's HEALTHY!Why Popcake? It's VERSATILE!Why Popcake? It's QUICK!


Simply mix the batter, load the bag and press OK for freshly cooked, piping hot and delicious POPCAKES® in less than a minute.


Freshly cooked low-carbohydrate POPCAKES® are high in energy, 97% fat free and can be served with a variety of healthy accompaniments suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Fully adjustable to make 2", 4" or 6" POPCAKES® in sweet and savory varieties offers foodservice operators limitless menu options for all occasions.


POPCAKE® delivers a freshly cooked 3-Stack in less than 90 seconds.

POPCAKE® Interactive Demo

Capable of cooking 180 plus pancakes per hour, the POPCAKE® machine;

  1. Is smaller than a standard microwave oven,
  2. Occupies minimal bench-top counter-space and,
  3. Requires only standard single phase power supply to operate.

Dimensions - (14" / 35cm) x (21" / 53cm) x (14" / 35cm) Net Weight (51 lbs / 23 kgs)