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Why Popcake? It's SIMPLE!Why Popcake? It's HEALTHY!Why Popcake? It's VERSATILE!Why Popcake? It's QUICK!


Simply mix the batter, load the bag and press OK for freshly cooked, piping hot and delicious POPCAKES® in less than a minute.


Freshly cooked low-carbohydrate POPCAKES® are high in energy, 97% fat free and can be served with a variety of healthy accompaniments suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Fully adjustable to make 2", 4" or 6" POPCAKES® in sweet and savory varieties offers foodservice operators limitless menu options for all occasions.


POPCAKE® delivers a freshly cooked 3-Stack in less than 90 seconds.

What is POPCAKE®?

What is POPCAKE?

Interactive Pancake Machine Demo

Popcake® is the world's first fully automatic pancake machine specifically designed for the commercial food service industry.

The Popcake® pancake machine delivers fresh, 97% fat-free delicious pancakes at the single press of a button!

Simply add normal room-temperature tap water to the proprietary Popcake® pancake dry-mix powder to instantly create the Popcake® pancake batter. Once ready, loading the bagged batter couldn't be easier and with the simple push of a button, the first pancake is delivered in less than 60 seconds, with additional pancakes "popping-out" every 15 seconds thereafter.

Fully enclosed, and all stainless steel, the cool-to-touch counter-top Popcake® machine uses a proprietary and worldwide-patented system to control the automated cooking process. The easily programmable software allows the user to fully adjust the pancake size, pancake color / tone and pancake flavor options.

Popcake-NA is an official distributor of the Popcake Pancake Machine. This innovative technology is robust in design, easy to use, easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance for any food service operator.

Popcake® Food Service Data: First, there are roughly 133,230,000 people that constitute the breakfast eating market based on real figures of the United State’s 2000 population. Second, there is a daily global consumption of 20 million pancakes in the food service industry.

For more information about the Popcake® pancake machine or other pancake products and promotions call us at 888.767.8871 ext. 201. Our products come with full warranty and are guaranteed to increase margins for any business in the food service industry.